BlakeFIT sports only the cleanest nutrients for performance and aesthetics.  In 2003, Blake was deemed “disabled” forever by neurologists at the age of 18 due to a horrific assault during his senior year of high school. Left for dead, Blake was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury and told by doctors he would never again play sports, attend college, or leave the care of his parents for the remainder of his life. Defying the odds and determined to be the master of his own miracles, Blake began his long road to recovery. He began studying the power of exercise and nutrition to rebuild his damaged brain and body.  Blake is a true testimony of the power of thought.  He eventually rebuilt and reclaimed his body, went back to playing sports, and graduated from Virginia Tech , where he studied nutrition and supplementation with a biology minor at the age of 21.  After college, he chased his dream of living in paradise and ventured to the beautiful islands of Hawaii where he began his yoga training, and was awarded the Medal of Valor for risking his life to save another from drowning when it was too dangerous for police.

After many adventures Blake settled in San Francisco and founded BlakeFIT–a lifestyle transformation program helping people overcome obesity and addictions by tapping into their own “personal power” for a healthier, happier, and more passionate life. Blake went on to be named Hottest Trainer in San Francisco after winning 1st place at the “All Natural Ironman Championships”.