The stats are in -- millions of Americans wake up every morning with one goal, to look amazing in their clothing, feel great when checking the mirror, and to fill their body with energy to take on the day. 

However, no matter the rigid diet or workout schedule, many people find themselves unsatisfied with results. The work put in doesn’t match the desired cardio output, performance strength, intimacy confidence, or overall health. Everyone seems to be asking, “what more can I do to improve my results?”

The hard truth is, nutrient supplementation is the key to success. 

Designed and developed to fuel your body, BlakeFit’s Everyday Gold supplement packs the punch you’ve been looking for. With the proper naturally occurring nutrients and plant extracts to support your metabolism and muscles at a cellular level, the specialized, incredibly unique ingredients and formula with this 5-in-1 supplement are capable of delivering the results you work so hard for. 

Brought To You By A Man With An Incredible Story, Blake Harrison

“Life is short, tomorrow is never promised, so live your dreams today.”

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The founder of BlakeFit is an inspiration that, in his young life, has experienced and overcome more trauma than anyone in a typical lifespan undergoes. 

Finding motivation in events that would normally stop someone in their tracks and using it as a driving force behind his mission to help everyone live their best, fullest, most amazing life -- Blake shares his past to encourage others to climb the mountains that life throws at them. 

Living today by the motto stated above and sheer willpower, Blake at the age of 18 suffered an assault that left him nearly dead. Waking up from a coma without the ability to remember his past, make new memories, speak, or walk -- Blake made the choice to beat the odds and live life through education, wellness, and fitness. 

Unfortunately, after strenuously regaining his physical and cognitive ability, Blake again was destined to come face to face with incredibly unsettling circumstances. 

While attending his first year at Virginia Tech, he witnessed not one but two school shootings -- the second of which was the deadliest massacre in US history. Shaken by these events, our founder made the decision to move to Hawaii and work on strengthening himself from the inside to out. 

A move that would, once again, shape his future. 

After a week on Oahu, Blake faced yet again another life or death situation. While cleaning up along a canal riddled with flesh eating bacteria, a car with a single driver flipped into the water. The driver was trapped and desperately needed help. Without thinking, Blake along with 3 friends jumped into the dangerous water. That day, thanks to the efforts of those who risked their life, the driver was saved. This selfless choice earned Blake the highest honor a civilian can receive, the Medal Of Valor. 

Coming back from utter hopelessness to saving lives, in this very moment, Blake confidently faces everyday knowing anyone can accomplish anything. 

Clearly a determined young man that would not let any negative event take him down, his life events have led him to become a multiple Physique Champion and the founder of BlakeFit. He sees his business and personal passions as a way to assist others in facing, head on, their shortcomings and obstacles. Every member of the BlakeFit family, including you, is welcome to join Blake in chasing dreams and living extraordinary lives. 

He drinks his own Everyday Gold formula before cardio, weight training, and on recovery days. It helped him place first at the NPC All-Natural Iron Man. If you are ready to achieve the huge strides Blake has, don’t wait a minute more. 

A man that beat cancer with fitness, a warrior mindset, and proper supplementation!

The sheer power of BlakeFit’s supplementation method is in the people it has helped. Uncover the story of 3 time Physique Champion in his rookie year, Maitland Wilson and find your motivation. 

While on a mission to become a pro football player, Maitland aka ‘Flex Champ’ broke his back. Following recovery, he took a physical exam to determine if he could return to his beloved sport. Sadly, this exam revealed that a seemingly non-invasion lump was cancerous. A devastating blow, Maitland began chemotherapy. 

A meeting with Blake changed his world! 

While in treatment, Maitland decided that nothing would stop him and fitness was the answer. He began training and preparing for shows. Before his first show, he met Blake. Our founder introduced Maitland to the energy boosting, focus enhancing, immune supporting, testosterone elevating, and hydration power of natural supplements. 

Taking BlakeFit’s formula everyday, Maitland is now in recovery from cancer and on a journey to become an Olympia champion. It is through knowing the ingredients and amounts of supplements that he takes everyday that Maitland finds his body transforming.   

Made With Absolute Transparency 

Stop rolling your eyes or saying that this blend can’t be any different from the rest. Start understanding our Transparency Policy and without a doubt know exactly how Everyday Gold stands apart. 

Facts. With the common proprietary blends found in the supplement aisle, you never know exactly what amounts you’re putting into your body. Typical supplement blends are a catch 22 that leaves to your body not getting what it needs to become its best. 

BlakeFit has set out to change the standard. 

Blended with expert knowledge right here in the USA, Everyday Gold contains no proprietary blends. In fact, we are completely transparent about our ingredients. What we put on the label is what you get in every scoop. 

Yes that is right. There is no more uncertainty, no more not knowing. On top of that, it is manufactured in an FDA inspected as well as NSF certified lab. When you choose Everyday Gold, you are choosing the highest caliber of health and best quality ingredients. 

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We Do Supplements Differently 

BlakeFit gets it. Spending money, time, and efforts on a supplement that isn’t made with the best-in-class formula or top-shelf ingredients just won't cut it for our founder. So why would it be worth it for you?  

With BlakeFit you can confidently know we do not cut corners, we keep it real, we never settle for less, and we make it everyday easy. Backed with first-hand experience and in depth research this incredible formula delivers the following unmatched benefits.  

  • Support for your entire body 
  • A unique all-in-one supplement stack 
  • Formulated for use 7 days a week 
  • For cardio, lifting, and recovery
  • Zero need to cycle off 
  • No jitters, no crash  
  • 100% natural without cheap synthetic ingredients 
  • Proven 300% more effective than other pre-workouts 
  • The daily serving of creatine, NO2, Beta Alanine, and aminos you need! 

A Premium, High-Quality, 5-in-1, Daily Formula 

Everyday Gold is the perfect solution to help you train harder, build the body you desire, improve confidence, feel healthier, and best of all, achieve peak homeostasis and conditioning. 

It’s time you see real results with this exceptional all-in-1 formula. More than a pre-workout, this supplement includes the 5 supplement nutrients you require to thrive without draining your wallet. 

1 - Nootropic Focus Amplifier 

2 - Natural Dopamine Boost 

3 - Immune Boost Multivitamin 

4 - Pre Workout Pump and Energy 

5 - Electrolyte Endurance Enhancers 

Delivering the most value per scoop of any supplement on the market, BlakeFit’s Everyday Gold is a one stop shop you can rely on. 

Still unsure of why Blake chose an all-in-one over separate supplements? Check this quick video out. []


Kickstart Your Immune System 

Understanding that vitamins and minerals are essential to your everyday health, BlakeFit includes a multivitamin that supports your immune system to its fullest. With a healthy immune system you will experience more energy, less stress, better immunity, and an overall  improvement over all life. 

Elevate Intimacy Performance 

As a focus amplifier, natural dopamine booster, fat burner, and stamina improver, Everyday Gold not only helps you look better naked, it elevates your intimate performance. Confidence looks good on you and will emanate into all aspects of your life. 

Increase Energy To The Next Level 

More than a standard preworkout for pump and energy, the addition of improved electrolytes and immunity lead to high body outputs. When your mind, muscles, and metabolism are able to keep up, increased energy is the result. 

Finally Have The Body Of Your Dreams 

Put it all together and in the morning as well as at the end of the day you will look better and feel stronger. The supplement formula you have dreamed of, Everyday Gold is developed specifically to help unleash your body's true potentials.  


EVERYDAY GOLD Delivers More Value Per Scoop!

When you invest in the A+ EVERYDAY Gold supplement, we at Team BlakeFIT want to support your A+ goals with A+ fitness support. "Contact Us" with questions, we are here to help:

  • Physical fitness consultation 
  • Education services, namely, providing one on one physical fitness counseling featuring health and wellness;
  • Personal fitness training services; 
  • Providing personal fitness training and physical fitness consultation to individuals to help them make physical fitness, strength, conditioning, and exercise improvement in their daily living